Educational Approach

By following a Cambridge certified curriculum, we will prepare students’ for future success at the international level administered by qualified teachers.  
Our teaching methods recognize and reflect that each child is an individual with their own aspirations and aptitudes.  
We aim to develop each child to their full potential and we incorporate a variety of teaching methods to cater to a varied range of learning styles. We believe in active learning for all students at all stages with children fully engaged in thinking.
Utilizing pair and group work in a collaborative environment will promote social development through interactions that require interaction and sharing to be successful.
In promoting active learning, we recognize the importance of ensuring that learning experiences are stimulating and challenging. We make full use of the local environment to develop an appreciation for nature and the local community including local businesses to embed an entrepreneurial spirit and reliance of oneself. Our aim is to make learning relevant and meaningful and to promote enthusiasm for life-long learning. Not all students do the same work at the same time; within any class the teacher will regularly allocate tasks that are set at different levels of difficulty. The aim is to challenge all students but at the same time give them work that is within their capabilities so that each child experiences success.

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