Our goal

Marvel International School,

our goal is to provide our students with an educational environment that cultivates cultural uniqueness, strength of character, independent thought, athletic development, lifelong learning, and spiritual awareness. We will ensure that students of all backgrounds and cultures maintain their independent character that will be enshrined within our multicultural environment. Learning will be developed as a characteristic that is necessary for students’ education throughout their lives in coordination with differing viewpoints and thoughts that will allow them to formulate intelligent opinions, rather than blindly follow the masses. Athletic development is essential for our students’ long term health and wellbeing. By promoting activities that enhance student coordination, stamina, and strength, in a healthy environment, we ensure that children will grow to be productive and capable contributors. Spiritual enlightenment will not only focus on religious texts, but also on the moral and ethical implications they imply through social compassion, ethical decision making, and empathy towards mankind as a whole. Label

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